The Jan Van Deusen House

Hurley (Ulster Co.) N.Y. before 1744

Houses preserve history, but history
also may preserve houses - as in this case.

The Van Deusen house briefly served
in 1777 as the meeting place of the
Committee of Safety of the State
of New York, in effect the "state capital."


"Washington slept here" has probably
preserved more houses than
any other single impulse.




 Herb Garden at Philipsburg Manor

Tarrytown (Westchester Co.) N.Y. c. 1720
From the very beginning of settlement the Dutch cultivated gardens: close to the house and laid out in raised beds in the ancient manner was the kitchen garden of herbs (medicinal, culinary, and for dyes), vegetables, and flowers, all tended by the lady of the house. This applied to both rural and urban houses, though among the more prosperous of the latter ornamental gardens were also favored. A bird's-eye-view of New Amsterdam about 1660 shows many such gardens set out in hedged boxes and circles.
Beyond the kitchen garden were orchards of various fruits and, on
the farms, cultivated fields of corn, wheat, barley, oats, squash, peas, pumpkin and more. Wheat and peas were the big commercial crops, shipped to New York City and beyond.
Historic Hudson Valley, Inc., Tarrytown, N.Y.




Broadhead House, 1680  Ulster Co. NY



Wooden Rain Gutter


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