Project Status:



Rizzoli International    Book Publishers

David Morton, Senior Editor, Architecture

Commitment from Rizzoli to produce and publish a color, hard cover "coffee table" type book. The book will consist of 150 color photographs by Geoffrey Gross and Susan Piatt; a preface by Harrison Meeske (author of the newly published The Hudson Valley Dutch and Their Houses). The introduction and text will be written by Roderic H. Blackburn, PhD, a well known and highly respected authority on the subject.

  The Holland Society
Lecture/ slide presentation given to The Holland Society this past April. The Holland Society has agreed to endorse this project . They are very enthusiastic.

The Van Voorhees Family Association
Lecture/ slide presentation given to The Van Voorhees Family Association this past October.

The Mount Gulian Society
sponsored an exhibition of these photographs at their historic site, The Verplanck Homestead, Beacon, NY, August 15, 1999 through September. 20, 1999.

"Life in The Valley"
The exhibit was featured on an edition of "Life in The Valley", a local one hour weekly TV show on channel six.


These photographs have been displayed at other appropriate venues:

Van Alyn House
Kinderhook, NY- September. 20- Oat. 4;

Society of Architectural Historians
Albany chapter, November 20, 1999.

Schwalenburgh Historical Society
Hillsborough, New Jersey, November 13, 1999

Bergen County Historical Society
Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, New Jersey October.7 through December 7 . This has been held over. The Bergen County Historical Society kept these photographs on exhibit through the holidays, incorporating this exhibition into their holiday program.

previously published one article I produced on EARLY AMERICAN DUTCH ARCHITECTURE . A second article was recently on the newsstand. The cover of this issue features a photograph, taken for this book, of The Van Deusen House, a Dutch Colonial house in Hurley (Ulster County), New York.


The New York Foundation for the Arts
a 501(c)(3) corporation,is acting as sponsor for this project. In so doing,EARLY AMERICAN DUTCH ARCHITECTURE is eligible to receive tax exempt funding donations from organizations and individuals. Any contributions of cash,securities, or materials made to the Foundation on behalf of Early American Dutch Architecture are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. The Foundation is prepared to provide you with financial accounting of the contributed funds.



Web-site Launched

On February 2, 1999 a web-site was launched featuring Early American Dutch Architecture, as well as other related material. Hosted by Historic Object & Image, views of New Netherland are gracefully presented with concise, well written text. Both the photographs and text are being produced expressly for this upcoming book and therefore have never been previously published. The web-site is updated and expanded often.