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 Many paintings of Seventeenth Century Netherlandish life often depict scenes with music. Though not well known, composers of  The Netherlands  did write some wonderful music.

 Through our associate program with  CD NOW    you may obtain sounds  from this period.



 Dutch Madrigals
(Hollandse Madrigalen)

An excellent collection of seventeenth century music from The Netherlands.

An all digital recording containing
over one hour of music.

This collection is required listening for anyone who enjoys viewing art from
"The Golden Age" of The Netherlands.

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 An incredible collection of music from The Renaissance.

This album has a particularly"vernacular" feel which adds immeasurably to the realism of the music. Of particular interest, a rendition of a popular tavern"bawdy song" performed beautifully by one of today's well known pop performers.

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The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book

The Virginals , or harpsichord, figures promininetly in scenes of daily life as presented by "The Dutch Masters."
This recording presents the music.

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